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Google Webmaster Tools Gets New Metrics.

Tags:  Google Webmaster Tools Update Metrics 

Google Webmaster Tools Update Metrics
My day has been made. Google Webmaster Tools has been given a few new fancy metrics. All the updates have gone entirely to the 'top search queries' section, doing away with those useless percentages and putting up some solid numbers instead. Some more on what's different, some pics and why this is awesome after the break.

The 'top search queries' section of Google Webmaster Tools is an excellent resource for checking where the majority of your organic clickthroughs are coming from. This will indicate where your site is popular and not so popular... but more technically, most relevant for Google.

Above are images of the home screen and top search queries page respectively.

The old metric of percentage of overall impressions has been done away with. Thank you. The percentages were useless when trying to identify quantity of clicks/impressions. This has been replaced with rock solid numbers for both impressions and clickthroughs. In addition to these 2 metrics, a Google Analytics graph has been added to the 'top search queries' page making daily averages more descriptive.

I love the new metrics! Keep up the good work big G.


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