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Site Updates: Social Networking, Tutorials, and more!

Tags:  Updates Social Networking Tutorials Captcha Security 

Updates Social Networking Tutorials Captcha Security
So I've been busy lately... Last week I released a comment form which was promptly attacked by spammers! Oh noes! But don't worry, I'm a pro. I added an extra layer of security in the form of a Captcha to both the comments for all posts and the contact page of the website. No spam has gotten through since so I am assuming that it is working. I also added some social networking integration to the right column to increase my reach. More on social networking after the break.

The social networking solutions added to the current build was Twitter, Facebook, RSS, LinkedIn, and email. I made sure to design the icons in such a way that they not only fit into the current theme of the website, but stand out at the same time. I like to think that I have achieved this. Additionally, I hope that this will give me a 5% boost in return visits and an overall increase in sustainability.

I have also released my first tutorial (Adobe Illustrator: Designing a Glass Effect.)! I have wanted to create tutorials for a while now. The goal of this isn't exclusively to pass on information that is valuable to other designers. I want to build up a few tutorials based on Adobe Illustrator in the hope that search engines will begin to see relevant results in my Illustrator posts. I used the same approach for my Facebook Connect blog posts and am now achieving top 10 results on Google for Facebook related keywords.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more tutorials, social integration and usability optimization.


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